Half Wraps for Race Cars

We have included all of our themes from our race car graphics designer right here in a quick and convenient place. All of these are considered half wraps because they will cover roughly half of the side of your car. Although it is possible for these half wraps to be positioned to cover more or less than that.

All of our wraps are printed on air release vinyl meaning you don't have to worry about air bubbles like regular vinyl. We coat all wraps in a protective coating of top of the line wrap laminate. Wraps are printed so there is not multiple layers of vinyl. All of our half wraps are created from high resolution files that look great even up close. All wraps are contour cut meaning they do not have any white around them.

One common question we get is how hard is it to install these race car wraps? It really isn't as hard as you think, it is usually easier with two people but with some time and patience you can apply them to most any race car. Cars with curved surfaces are more difficult than cars with flat panels such as dirt modified cars.

Prices are broken down according to the size of the graphic you need. All side graphics are sold in pairs, hood graphics are solid individually.

Side Themes

Side half wraps go on the side of your race car. These are sold in pairs. Half wraps typically cover most of the bottom of the car extending to around half way up. Exact placement can vary depending on where you want to put your graphic. Click on any image below to further customize and Add To Cart.

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Hood Themes

Hood themes are designed to cover most of the top of the hood stretching the entire width of the hood. When you pick a hood wrap it is best to size it so it is slightly larger than actual width of the hood. Trimming off excess is normal. Click on any image below to further customize and Add To Cart.

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