All of our wraps are printed using Oracal 3165RA Air Release Vinyl coated in premium 290 1mil Laminate. This combination allows for installation around basic contours found on race cars while allowing a suitable life through a race season. This combination is demonstrated in our installation video and we have found works great for a race season.

The manufacturer rates our vinyl at 5 years outdoor life. This assumes the vinyl is not stretched around tight contours which can be more prone to lifting with a calendared vinyl. For trailers you can see 5+ years out of our graphics on a flat surface. For wrapped surfaces it is not recommeneded to use our base product for this. If you want to use one of our wraps on a normal vehicle we need to use a cast vinyl such as 3751 or 3951, please contact us for a quote to do this.

We highly recommend a high speed internet connection. While dialup will work it will be very slow to design a car and is not supported.

Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox, Safari. Internet Explorer 6 users we highly recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox if at all possible to improve your experience using the designer. Although the designer will work under internet explorer 6, images will appear incorrectly.

Cookies must be enabled to use the site.

If you feel you have discovered a legitimate bug or issue we would appreciate you reporting it to us using our contact page.

As our instructions indicate it is your responsibility to provide us with adequate artwork. You are welcome to email us your artwork along with what size you are looking to get, we will provide suggestions regarding the usability of the artwork.

Please do not assume your artwork is high enough resolution to use unless you are sure. We will not replace your item for having inadequate artwork.

Inspect your order immediately upon receipt. Shortages or errors must be reported via phone or email within 3 business days of shipment receipt.

Understandably, personalized and custom ordered items may not be returned for a refund unless there were errors on our part, or in shipping.

We will not replace items with grammatical errors, unintended colors, insufficient high resolution artwork, or layout mistakes that were approved.

If you have any questions regarding your items please leave a comment in the shopping cart COMMENT area or if you need to make final approval before the item is shipped.

If you have multiple cars in your stable or you want to go together with friends and place one order for multiple cars we may be able to help you out. All situations are different and the discounts vary by the amount of graphics ordered.

Yes, your layout on your proof will be used when building the high resolution image we use to print. However, body styles vary by maker so you may have to modify things slightly when you apply them. The design will look just like the image on your screen, but it might look a little different if applied to a different body style. Your measurements are critical to make sure everything fits.

We have tried to cover most of the bases, but we know there are still a lot of different race cars that we don’t have on our site. We will work with you to make sure we offer something for everyone. Normally you can send in a picture of your car and we can go from there. If you only want numbers and sponsor lettering you can use our lettering designer for those. That will work for anything.

We have tried to make this as simple as we can, but with a website this complex some things are not self explanatory. We think if you watch the tutorial video and play around with it you will be able to use the designer. If you still get stuck don’t be discouraged, just give us a call or shoot us an email and we will walk you through it. We are here to help.

We do offer custom designing for your race car graphics. Our rate is $40/hr for graphic design work, and that is pretty low for this industry. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in this service. Our equipment will allow us to make pretty much any design you would like.

As much as we would like to help everyone, it just isn’t possible. We help sponsor a few teams, and that is all we are capable of right now.

YES! We love it when our customers send us pictures. We like it so much we offer a coupon code that will allow you to get 10% off your next order if you send us pictures of your race car or trailer with our graphics applied. We also supply decals with every order. If you enjoy your experience with us we would be happy for you to run our decal.

Installation Information

We will not warranty, repair or refund vinyl that is attached to an unacceptable surface
Acceptable surfaces
  • Glass
  • Metals (Must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel.)
  • Vehicles (Must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel.)
  • Vinyl (Such as Banners, Canopies, flags, etc.)
  • Plastic
  • Fiberglass (Must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel.)
  • Wood (Must be painted with a smooth, glossy enamel.)
  • Other Painted Surfaces (Paint must be smooth and glossy, vinyl will not stick to oxidized, faded, or peeling paint)
Not Acceptable
  • Cement
  • Plywood or any raw or painted Lumber
  • Oxidized or faded paint
  • Peeling paint
  • Rubber
  • Raw Metals
  • Oily Surfaces
  • Primer Painted Surfaces

Be sure the race car body is clean and free from any moisture. It is best to let a fresh paint job cure for several days if possible before putting vinyl on it. Go over the car with some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth. All vinyl graphics will stick much better on a clean, warm surface so make sure your car and your shop are nice and warm before you start. If you are applying the vinyl on a warm day, try to avoid doing it in direct sunlight.

Our printed graphics are printed on premium air release vinyl. It is still a good idea to try to get all the air out as you install it, but if you do get air bubbles they are easy to remove.

Let’s start with the hinge method. Keep in mind if you are installing an entire side graphic on a bigger car such as a late model or modified, it is a much easier job if you have 2 or 3 people to help out. Start by placing the graphic on the car with the backing paper still on it. Our printed graphics will be a little oversized making placement a little easier. You should have vinyl hanging over the edges of your body panels when you are finished. Grab some masking tape and run the tape over the top of the graphic, being sure it is on both the application tape on the graphic and the car. You may need to run 2 or 3 strips of masking tape to get it covered. That will keep your graphic in place as you stick it to your car. If you have body seams or other vertical breaks that can be a good place to cut the graphics into sections. That will make it easier to apply. The masking tape you just applied will act like a hinge with this technique. Now take the bottom of the graphic and lift it all the way up, hinging the graphic on the top masking tape. Starting at the top near the hinge, grab the backing paper and start to slowly peel it back exposing the adhesive. Pull the backing paper down about half way, and start to lay the graphic on the car. Starting at the top center of the graphic, start pressing the vinyl onto the car using the supplied squeegee. Use left and right motions going from top to bottom, and firmly squeegee the graphic onto the sheet metal. If you have welds or rivets to go over, lightly go over them as you apply it and we will go back to those later. Work the graphic down the car, pulling the backing paper away as you press the vinyl onto the car until you get all the way to the bottom of the graphic. Now slowly peel the application tape from your graphic. If you have bad spots in your metal, rivets, or welds you can now work with those areas. Take a hair dryer and warm the vinyl up around the trouble spots. That will make the vinyl more plyable as you take the squeegee or your fingers and work the vinyl down around these spots. Sometimes perfection can not be achieved with a less than perfect body. If you have any air bubbles under your printed vinyl you should be able to take your hand and slowly press our on the bubbles, working the air out of the bubble. Once you have the graphic on the car you should go back and trim any overhanging vinyl to complete the installation.

To do the wet method you need a good liquid solution such as RapidTac. Rapid Tac is not recommended for installing wraps where complicated curved surfaces exists, in those cases the vinyl must bite the surface as soon as it is stretched, the wet method (including rapid tac) prevents this. Place your graphic upside down on a clean floor or table. Remove the backing paper exposing the adhesive. Spray down the side of the car and the back of the graphic liberally with RapicTac. With some help, place the graphic on the car and you should be able to slide it around to get the placement where you want it. Now take the squeegee and work the RapidTac and air out from under the graphic. Starting in the center firmly press out in all directions to remove the moisture and air. Once you have all that finished it may be necessary to wait an hour or two before you remove the application tape. This will give the adhesive time to dry out and stick to your car. Slowly pull the application tape off, and if the vinyl tries to come off with it you should give it some more time to dry. Follow the directions mentioned in the hinge method section for working around the rivets and welds and for finishing the installation.

If you have purchased specialty vinyl such as holographic or reflective, it is not recommended that you use the wet method. Follow the directions for the hinge method for these vinyls. If you get air under the vinyl you can poke the bubble with a pin or razor knife and work most of the air out. If you have several small bubbles, they too should come out after a day in the hot sun.

The most difficult application for our racing graphics is on the tail section of the open wheel cars. If you are only putting numbers on the tail it isn’t bad. If you choose to put part of your theme graphics on the tail you may want to consider getting professional application help on this part, or trim the graphics yourself to help it fit the different contours of the tail.

If do not want to install your graphics we can install them for you. Bring your car to our shop in Salem, Indiana and we can install them. Pricing for installation varies by car type and amount of graphics. Call or email for quote.

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