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About our Race Car Wraps

Our race car wraps are printed on air release vinyl and coated with high quality wrap grade uv laminate. All of our wraps are printed at high quality 720dpi resolution which looks great even up close.

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Visit our online race car designer page to see all of these same themes directly on your race car.

Apply it yourself
It can be intimidating to apply such a big piece of vinyl to your car, but don't worry it really isn't that bad. If your car is something like a dirt modified it is much easier than say a car that has curved sides. We offer rapid tac to aid in the application process but it is not required. Once you get some practice at installing most people prefer to install without liquid. As long as you take your time you will be able to pull up mistakes as you go making sure you get a nice smooth application. Air release means most all air bubbles and small wrinkles can be worked out by hand or with a blow dryer.

Picking the right size
When choosing your race car wrap you need to decide how wide you want to make the wrap. The width measurement of the wrap is the width from the leading to trailing edge of the color. The size show is the overall size, most of our wraps curve down are are not one 'solid piece', so please look at the picture.

What is Premium Cast Vinyl Upgrade (3751RA)?
When you order a normal wrap from us we use Oracal 3165RA calendared 'Air Release' vinyl. This is more than adaquate for an entire race season of use. 3165RA is rated for 5 years sustained outdoor life. We laminate all wraps with a 1 mil cast glossy laminate to provide easier installation around basic contours. Thousands of successful installations by customers don't lie! Just be sure to follow our Proper surface and surface preparation guidelines.

We have had customers express interest in using our products on normal vehicles, boats, etc. We DO NOT recommend our standard 3165RA for anything other than race cars or trailers. If you want to use this wrap on a normal vehicle upgrade to our 3751RA option. We will use premium cast 3751RA coated in the same 1 mil 290 glossy laminate. This combinatation is rated for 8 years by the manufacturer. It will be much less prone to shrinking, cracking, and will conform to tight contours where 3165RA will not. The 8 year rating is by the manufacturer, we cannot provide a warranty unless we perform the installation ourselves.

What is Metallic Enhancer Coating?
Instead of using our standard wrap grade UV overlaminate on your wrap we will use a special cast overlaminate with a metallic effect. This gives the appearance of a metallic paint or clear coat.
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